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The Modern Slavery Intelligence Network (MSIN) is a pioneering non-profit collaboration in the UK food and agriculture sector created in response to the findings of Operation Fort, the UK’s largest ever modern slavery investigation.


Coming together in 2020, 14 member companies (including retailers, manufacturers and processors) engaged in an 18-month pilot to develop an innovative and proactive intelligence-sharing mechanism to enhance their effectiveness in disrupting modern slavery and labour exploitation within the UK. Information generated by the network will be used to detect, prevent and disrupt modern slavery and labour exploitation activity in their industry sector, protecting workers and improving outcomes for those directly impacted. The project also benefits from the strong personal support of the former Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton DBE QPM, who continues to highlight and champion the work of the MSIN.


Throughout 2021, members met regularly and engaged with external stakeholders, including NGOs, the ICO and law enforcement agencies, to share plans and seek guidance on the approach the MSIN should take in order to achieve successful outcomes. The MSIN has worked together to ensure, so far as possible, that robust mechanisms are in place to safeguard those who may be impacted by modern slavery and/or worker exploitation and their data. This has required a significant commitment from all members involved and engagement with several internal functions within the members’ organisations including human rights, ethical trading, legal, data protection, privacy and IT security.


The MSIN is supported by the NGO and independent international charity, STOP THE TRAFFIK, to provide a secure platform for information and intelligence sharing, along with expert analysis and guidance on modern slavery prevention and remediation. Members share details of incidents or suspected incidents of modern slavery or worker exploitation through the online platform with STOP THE TRAFFIK, who then analyse and enrich the data using dedicated tools and resources. This enables the MSIN to build a robust evidence base that can be shared with members and, where appropriate, will give the MSIN a body of information and/or intelligence that can, in appropriate circumstances, be shared with law enforcement.


Live intelligence sharing started at the end of March 2022.



MSIN Theory of Change


The MSIN has developed a ‘theory of change’ model to demonstrate how inputs and activities will deliver positive impacts for survivors of labour exploitation and modern slavery. There are indicators against each aspect of this model that will be used to measure progress.

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MSIN Conference

The MSIN Conference 2023 was held on the 6th September to report on sharing intelligence to combat modern slavery and engage with wider stakeholders on modern slavery issues in the food and agriculture sector.


In June 2022, the MSIN held a conference, hosted by G's Fresh in Barway, Cambridgeshire to report on the success of the pilot and engage wider stakeholders on issues of labour exploitation in the food and agriculture sector.

Data Privacy

The MSIN has created a suite of policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and safety of any personal data that may form part of the information and/or intelligence shared. Each member has signed up to these policies and procedures, which shall be kept under review, and shall up amended or updated as required.

Key Achievements & Outputs in 2022 and 2023

  • Launch of the MSIN data-sharing platform in March 2022 and input by members of live data.

  • MSIN Conference launched in June 2022, attended by more than 200 representatives in the food processing, farming and horticulture industry, as well as NGOs and law enforcement. 

  • The use of the MSIN platform to achieve its objectives - highlighting where securely input shared intelligence drives the circulation of alerts requiring members to take action to protect their workers, the wider community and safeguard victims of exploitation. 

  • The incorporation of MSIN as a legal entity, the appointment of a formal Board (drawn from the membership) and approved graded membership fees.

  • Regular meetings of all members to drive trust, insights and actions from sharing intelligence.

  • The finalisation of processes governing membership expansion, including formal expectations for new members.

Members of the Modern Slavery Intelligence Network include:

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